175 by 41

A few of my friends used their 40th birthdays as motivation to slim down and get in shape. But I turned 40 last year just a few months after the pandemic began and one month after my son was born. I was stressed, not sleeping and for sure overeating.

The irony was I actually was in shape for most of my 30s. I routinely went to the gym and ate what I would call a mostly healthy diet. That is, save for the giant bags of candy I was known for bringing back to the office in the middle of a stressful workday. I look back now at some of the photos from even my late 30s and I think, damn, what happened to that guy?

If I’m being honest, my life is still full of anxiety and uncertainty. The pandemic has taken its toll. But I’m trying to breathe more and stress a little less. Therapy is helping too. 

I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m a touch under 183. At one point I was hovering at 163. But I was running more then. 

In five and half weeks I turn 41. I know that’s not the round milestone one usually pegs a weight loss goal to but these are pandemic years. And 175 isn’t exactly abs material but so what? It’s a moderate goal for moderate times. 

Hopefully by holding myself publicly accountable I can make a dent. And fit into my jeans circa January 2020.