What is Medium Focus?

Hi, I’m Daniel. For twenty years I’ve worked as a Broadway General Manager, managing the business operations that make each show run: budgeting, contracts, union negotiations, Human Resources, payroll, ticket pricing. You name it, my firm, KGM Theatrical, probably oversees it.

As you can imagine, our days are busy. We’re constantly bouncing between meetings, emails, 1 on 1s, phone calls, and making a thousand little decisions to make sure that the curtain rises on time. Throughout my career, I’ve had to develop systems to manage the chaos. In fact, I don’t like to think of it as chaos at all. If I do my job right, each Broadway show should operate like a well oiled machine.

Needless to say, I’ve tried all of the apps and methodologies for staying sane. From OmniFocus to Basecamp to Superhuman I’ve been there done that. But it’s not just apps. I also geek out over pens, writing paper and notebooks. As I like to say, the apps just help me do the job. It’s the interactions and relationships with people where I really get to do my best work.

So what is Medium Focus? It’s where art meets technology. It’s where I try to discover how to work just a little bit better each day. And, most importantly, it’s about the journey. That’s why it’s medium. Not hard, not soft, medium. It’s a recognition that there is no magic bullet for productivity or schedule management. We can work towards productivity nirvana but there is never an end game.

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Broadway general manager. Futzing with tech and connection to be a better human. Day job at www.kgmtheatrical.com.